Chimneys and Power Pylons

Lindø Steel A/S has supplied a large number of profiled shells to the chimney and power pylon industries over the years.

At our cutting centre, we offer edge milling and form cutting of steel plates for both cylindrical and conical shells. Shells for chimneys and power pylons are typically made on our high-speed plasma cutting system, which ensures precise and completely uniform tolerances at a competitive price.

It is important to Lindø Steel that the deliveries of shell plates always fits in with the customer’s production. We offer the application of identification labels, bar codes, markings on the steel plate, such as centre marking, etc.

Our location, with its excellent loading/unloading facilities at our own dockside, provides us with unique possibilities to transport large, heavy goods by sea.

We are well known for our high quality, credibility and short delivery time. We also manage and provide documentation, full traceability and statutory certificates along with the plates, so you always have access to relevant information about the steel plates you are using as part of your work.