Additional Services

Lindø Steel A/S offers specialist services to various industries. We offer to weld plates together performed by authorized welders including 100% NDT inspection.
Also, we offer to sandblast plates as well as to bend shell plates for tank building.
Our large warehouse furthermore allows us to store steel plates for our customers and to deliver just in time.

Welding Plates Together

Lindø Steel offers the welding together of plates. This service is usually required when the customer need heavy steel plates that are either heavier, wider or longer than a steel rolling mill can produce.

We offer to weld two half-length sizes plates together to a full-length size plate, when the customer requires plate weights that exceed what a rolling mill physically can produce (As an example plate unit weight >25 MT).

Other example, we perform longitudinal welding of steel plates, producing plate width of 4,5 meters.

The welding is performed by professional, authorized welders and typically undergoes a 100% NDT weld inspection. Everything is documented in welding and NDT reports, so the customer receives professional documentation with the delivery of the plate.

Bending Tank Plates

As a natural part of our supplies for tank building, Lindø Steel performs the bending of shells for tank building. Tank shells are typically rolled in a diameter of 15-100 meters. Lindø Steel has several options for rolling in widths and thicknesses, typically allowing us to offer complete tank projects.

Together with the bended shells, we provide transport cradles in which the plates are transported. This way, the tank plates are delivered in the correct form straight to the construction site for direct installation.

Shot Blasting

Lindø Steel offers shot blasting of plates which are so wide that they cannot physically run through a standard shot blasting machine. We offer shot blasted plates with a widths above 3,5–4,5 meters.

Warehouse & Logistic

Separate areas of our large warehouse can be allocated to a particular customer if so required. Within the allocated area, we can handle the customer’s steel plates, and during the handling we constantly electronically update the current stock hold and the exactly positioning of each individual plate stored.

Our warehouse is equipped with an electronic GPS system which knows exactly where each plate is stored. Lindø Steel can therefore offer to manage your stock of steel plates, including the management of delivery notes and certificates.