The storage area is 16500 m² and has capacity for at least 50000 MT of steel plates. The distance from the stockyard to the dockside is less than 15 meters, which allows the discharging and loading of vessels to be carried out directly from the stockyard.

Separate areas of our large warehouse can be allocated to a particular customer if so required. Within the allocated area, we can handle the customer’s steel plates, and during the handling we constantly electronically update the current stock hold and the exactly positioning of each individual plate stored.

Our warehouse is equipped with an electronic GPS system which knows exactly where each plate is stored in the warehouse. Lindø Steel can therefore offer to manage your stock of steel plates, including the management of delivery notes and certificates.

We take good care of your materials.

  • Dockside solution and 16,500 m² storage area
  • Capacity for at least 50,000 MT
  • Unique transport options
  • Optimal crane facilities – up to 90 MT and magnetic cranes
  • Strategic location in Northern Europe
  • Offer of specific customer-allocated storage facility