We have our own harbour facilities and unique infrastructure

With a central location in Denmark, Lindø Steel is a leading supplier of processed steel plates to the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers. We are abreast with development and can guarantee services and world-class products for wind turbine towers, transition pieces, monopiles, large chimneys, tank building, power pylons, transformer stations etc. We offer unique loading and unloading, transport and warehouse facilities. We have storage capacity in our centrally located facility with direct access to our own quayside for convenient freight coaster loading and discharging.

Most common freight coasters

7,5-11 m water depth

Lifting capacity 1000 tonnes

Storage capacity 50000 tonnes

Loading & Unloading Vessels

Our advantageous location by the waters of the Great Belt in Denmark ensures easy access to other international harbours. From our dockside, we can load and unload steel plates in all conceivable sizes. With a water depth of between 7.5 and 11 metres, Lindø Steel can be accessed by most common freight coasters. 

Our dockside is less than 15 metres from our stockyard storage area and can be loaded directly by harbour cranes.

Cranes for Heavy Lifting

Our harbour crane at the dockside handles items weighing up to 90 tonnes.

The entire storage area is covered by a series of magnetic gantries which quickly, safely and efficiently transport plates to the different locations within our vast outdoor facilities.

Inside the factory, all handling is also carried out by large gantry cranes that operate all lifts with magnetic or vacuum gears.

Transport & Logistic

Lindø Steel offers a logistics service where we take care of all freight documentation and planning.

Raw plates are usually delivered directly to our dockside by ship. Profiled plates, on the other hand, often require fast and flexible delivery, and are usually transported to our customers by road or by sea. Regardless of the method of shipment, we manage all the details and ensure that all steel plates are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

When a shipment is dispatched from Lindø Steel, we send the customer and other stakeholders current delivery notes, CE documents and upload of the Material Test Certificate to the end user’s database.

All customers thus enjoy a complete service, where all logistics and the total documentation are managed by Lindø Steel.