Long and healthy business relation

Decades of experience, a wide range of machinery and our employees’ unique skills make Lindø Steel an ideal business partner for the wind and energy sectors. Our ability to provide cost, time and material reductions without compromising on strength is undoubtedly a decisive factor in our maintenance of long-term, healthy customer relations.

We specialize in edge milling as well as oxygen and plasma cutting, including grinding and form cutting. In addition, we offer fully unique discharge, loading and warehouse facilities.


Credibility and consistently high quality characterize our services and our interaction with you as our customer. In addition to precision in the processing of heavy steel plates, we provide professional advice on the choice of materials and edge designs.

We provide our services to leading manufacturers involved in global activities. For this reason, we guarantee world-class service and products.



Up until 2011, Lindø Steel was an integral part of the A.P. Møller – Mærsk Group, as it continued some of the activities of the former Mærsk “Odense Steel Shipyard”.

Today Lindø Steel is an independent limited company managed and owned by Per Hauge and Søren Kirkebæk Madsen.

The facility is still situated in the shipyard area at Lindø Industrial Park, where it has its own dockside, a large warehouse and ideal handling and transportation facilities.




Lindø Steel must:

  • as a subcontractor, and through continued specialization, contribute to improved product quality by further developing and optimizing its machining processes so that customers can be given competitive advantages in their further processing of steel plates; offer to handle all routines related to the receipt and delivery of profiled steel plates
  • be an attractive workplace for all its employees
  • be an economically healthy and profitable company with a positive image.


Lindø Steel wants to be:

  • the preferred supplier of the target group for plate profiling focusing particularly on advanced and conventional cutting and milling processes.


Lindø Steel must be known for:

  • World class quality
  • Security of supply
  • High reliability