Large-scale cutting systems

Lindø Steel A/S is home to Denmark’s largest cutting centre, and we are specialized in edge milling as well as in oxygen and plasma cutting. The Cutting Centre at Lindø Steel has a number of large-scale cutting machines and decades of experience in profiling with milling and cutting processes have made us world champions in precision and accuracy. Our customers are therefore guaranteed the best quality in every process we handle. All of the processes is performed with strict adherence to our customers’ specifications and delivery plans. In combination we offer fully unique discharge and warehouse facilities.

Most common freight coasters

7,5-11 m water depth

Lifting capacity 1000 tonnes

Storage capacity 50000 tonnes

Oxygen cutting


Oxygen cutting is a fast and cost-efficient cutting technique, leaving a clean cut, even in very thick steel plates (PL 10-300 mm). We offer beveling and form cutting directly on the cutting machines. When required, we carry out finishing, consisting of semi-machined edge preparations and possible subsequent grinding.

• Several large cutting tables
• Plate thickness up to 300 mm
• Edge preparation/Beveling
• Form cutting

Plasma cutting


For thinner plates, we usually apply high-speed plasma cutting, which results in exceptionally high cutting quality (PL 5-30 mm). Plasma cutting is often preferable for thinner steel plates because the enormous concentration of energy in the arc and the rapid cutting speed result in a minimal heat effect on the material surrounding the cutting area. For this reason, plasma cutting is a fast and efficient technique which results in a very high cutting quality.

• Several large cutting tables
• Plate thickness of less than 30 mm
• Edge preparation/Beveling
• Form cutting

Fully Automated Edge Milling System


Lindø Steel has accrued many years’ experience in edge milling heavy steel plates. In addition to standard edge preparations (I, V, Y and X bevels), Lindø Steel offers a number of specialized edge designs that enable an optimized welding process, which takes less time and uses less filler material – with reduced costs for the customer as a result.

For precision machining and advanced edge designs, we use our unique edge milling machine with fully automated loading and unloading capacity for large format steel plates. The milling machine has an automatic tool shift and a corresponding automated vacuum crane for quick replacement of plates.

The fully automated edge milling machine finishes each of the four edges of the plate individually.

• Fully automated milling system
• Possibility of creative edge designs (Tulip scape etc.)
• High precision and optimal welding preparation
• Unique manufacturing facilities