Code of Conduct

Lindø Steel's values and ethics:

1. Integrity and honesty:

At Lindø Steel, we attach great importance to integrity and honesty in all our actions and decisions. We always act in a manner consistent with our values and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Respect for human rights and diversity:

We value and respect diversity among our employees, customers, business partners and the society. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, regardless of background, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
We respect and support human rights in all our activities and relations. We maintain a working environment that is free from discrimination, violence, forced labor or any use on human rights.

3. Accountability:

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions. We strive to be open and transparent in our communication both internally and externally. We maintain high standards of reporting and compliance.

4. Customer satisfaction and quality:

We put our customers’ satisfaction first and strive to provide high-quality products and services. We actively listen to our customers’ needs and work hard to meet them in a reliable and professional manner.

5. Sustainability and environmental awareness:

We recognize our responsibility for the environment and are committed to running our business in a way that is sustainable and environmentally responsible. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable processes throughout our operations.

7. Suppliers and business partners:

We expect our suppliers and business partners to share our values and maintain similar standards of social responsibility.
We encourage responsible sourcing procedures, including combating forced labor, child labor and other unacceptable working conditions at our suppliers and partners.
Any violation will have the consequence that the cooperation stops immediately.

Lindø Steel's responsibility

1. Labor and employment conditions:

We are committed to ensuring fair and ethical working conditions for our employees. This includes respect for workers’ rights, including the right to trade unionization, equal pay and safe working conditions.

2. Local community engagement:

We engage with the local community in which we operate. We support local initiatives and projects that contribute to community development, including education, healthcare, and environmental initiatives.

3. Health and safety:

We prioritize employee health and safety at work. Employees must adhere to safety procedures, report potential hazards, and participate in training to ensure a safe workplace for all.

4. Drug and alcohol policy:

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for the use or possession of illegal drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Employees must perform their work sober and avoid any behavior that negatively affects their performance or safety.

5. Training and awareness-raising initiatives:

We implement regular training and awareness-raising initiatives to ensure that all employees are aware of our anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policy.

This includes training in recognizing, preventing, and managing such situations.

6. Compliance with laws and regulations:

Lindø Steel undertakes to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the areas in which Lindø Steel operates.

Responsibilities of the employee

Already upon employment, safety leaflets are handed out and the employee is thoroughly informed about current safety conditions at the workplace.

Subcontractors who carry out work in the production area are also provided with safety leaflets and safety instructions before work begins.


1. Employee obligations:

Employees undertake to use company resources, including machinery, equipment, software, and facilities, in a responsible and efficient manner.

A. Use of machinery and equipment:  Employees may only use machinery and equipment for which they are certified to use or have obtained permission from their superiors.


2. Compliance with safety guidelines

The employee is expected to comply with the guidelines for applicable safety requirements.

A. Safety awareness:

a. Employees should be familiar with relevant safety procedures.
b. Employees must take responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of their colleagues and the property of the company.

B. Compliance with security procedures:

a. Employees must follow all safety procedures, including the use of emergency exits, fire safety, first aid, security labeling and access control.
b. Breaches of security procedures are strictly prohibited and may result in serious consequences for the employee, including possible expulsion.

C. Reporting Security Issues:

a. Employees must report all safety problems, errors, deficiencies, or dangerous situations to relevant bodies (see section 7 “Complaints and objections” under point 2).
b. Employees must be proactive and identify and report potential risks and safety improvements.

3. Confidentiality:

The employee must protect and respect confidential information, including personal data and customer-related information, and comply with company regulations and applicable data protection regulations.

4. Comply with applicable law:

The employee undertakes to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations and act within the framework of the company’s policies and procedures.


1. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations:

All employees, customers and business partners must comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding bribery and corruption.

2. Prohibition of bribery:

Bribery in any form is strictly prohibited. This includes both monetary and non-monetary incentives or benefits.

3. Avoid conflicts of interest:

All persons associated with Lindø Steel must avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest, whether of a personal or professional nature, that may compromise their judgment or decision-making. They must promptly report any actual or potential conflict of interest to the right person at Lindø Steel.

4. Gifts and benefits:

Gifts, discounts, commissions, or similar benefits from outside parties may not be accepted if it can be perceived as an attempt to influence the employee’s actions or decisions.

5. Due Diligence:

Before entering into any business agreement or partnership, those involved from Lindø Steel must carry out thorough due diligence to ensure reputation, integrity, and compliance with Lindø Steel regulations in the area. This includes screening partners, suppliers and potential third-party participants for any warning signs related to bribery or corruption.

6. Reporting suspicious activity:

All employees at Lindø Steel are responsible for promptly reporting any suspicious activity or violations of Lindø Steel’s rules regarding bribery and corruption.

To ensure that whistleblowers can report concerns without fear of retaliation, a mailbox has been set up for anonymous reporting (See section 7 “Complaints and objections” under point 2) or contact management or acting shop steward directly (See section 7 “Complaints and objections” under point 2)

7. Enforcement and disciplinary measures:

Any violation of Lindø Steel’s rules against bribery and corruption will be subject to a thorough investigation. Appropriate disciplinary measures, including warnings, suspension, dismissal, and legal action, will be taken against persons who have violated Lindø Steel’s rules on bribery or corruption as well as applicable law.

Discrimination and harassment:

1. Discrimination:

We are committed to maintaining a work environment where all employees are treated fairly and without discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, disability in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Bullying:

2.a. Lindø Steel does not tolerate bullying in any form, including verbal, physical or emotional abuse, harassment, or degrading behavior.
2.b. Employees are expected to treat each other with respect, dignity, and fairness.

3. Sexual harassment: 

Lindø Steel has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment in the workplace. Any form of unwanted sexual attention, verbal comments, unwanted physical contacts, or other inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature is strictly prohibited.

4. Complaints process:

We encourage all employees to report cases of discrimination or sexual harassment immediately. We ensure that procedures are in place to report such cases and that all complaints are handled confidentially, objectively, and fairly.
(See section 7 “Complaints and objections” under point 2)

5. Consequences and sanctions:

Any violation of our rules against discrimination and sexual harassment will be taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated. Appropriate sanctions will be taken against those responsible, including disciplinary measures, which may include warnings, suspension or even termination of employment, depending on the seriousness of the violation.

6. Support and resources: 

We ensure that resources, support, and advice are available for all employees who experience or witness discrimination or sexual harassment. We encourage open communication and collaboration to create a safe and inclusive work environment for all.

Communication rules:

1. Respectful communication:

We expect all employees to show respect in their communication with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Avoid condescending or insulting language and pay attention to tone and body language to ensure a positive and respectful dialogue.

2. Clear and concise communication:

Employees should strive to communicate clearly and concisely so that messages are understood correctly.

However, linguistic, or written challenges should never be an obstacle in expressing one’s own messages. It is perfectly acceptable to have challenges with spelling correctly, and it is perfectly acceptable to seek help from employees in the office or others if a helping hand is to be given with wording and spelling.

3. Confidentiality and Protection of Information:

Employees must respect the confidentiality of company and customer information. Avoid sharing sensitive or confidential information without the necessary permission. Applies both internally and externally.

4. Proper reference to the company:

When communicating publicly or participating in discussions on behalf of the company, employees must clearly identify themselves as representatives of the company. Take care to separate personal opinions from the company’s position.

5. Responding to criticism or disagreements:

In case of criticism or disagreements, employees must respond professionally and constructively. Avoid becoming defensive or aggressive and be sure to listen to others’ views with openness and respect.

6. Communication with the public:

When communicating with the public, employees must comply with company rules and procedures. Be careful to avoid speaking on behalf of the company without the necessary authority or permission.

Complaints and objections

1. Complaint procedure:

Lindø Steel has a clear and accessible complaint procedure that employees can use. The procedure describes how complaints should be lodged and who is responsible for handling them.

2. Confidentiality and anonymity:

At Lindø Steel’s factory area, next to the front door of the office, a mailbox has been set up with the possibility of anonymous complaint making. Only management has access to the mailbox. 

Management or shop stewards can also be contacted directly.


Management consisting of:

Søren Kirkebæk Madsen
+45 30830817

Per Hauge

+45 20447050

Lindø Steel’s management and acting shop steward are subject to professional secrecy by direct contact.


3. Response and confirmation:

If the inquiry is not anonymous, a confirmation is given to the complainant that the complaint has been received and that it will be dealt with. The inquiry is answered with discretion and confidentiality.
In case of anonymity, management/shop steward has a duty to enforce anonymity and the right to act if required.

4. Thorough investigation:

Every complaint is thoroughly and objectively investigated. Relevant evidence and testimonies shall be collected, and all relevant parties shall be consulted. If necessary, internal, or external specialists may be involved to ensure fair and objective handling of the complaint.

5. Handling and decision:

After the investigation, a decision is made on how to handle the complaint. This may include taking disciplinary action, implementing changes to procedures, or finding an appropriate solution to the complaint.